Caprini Low-Flow Crossing

Project Location: Calaveras River near Stockton, CA

Link to the location of the remediated barrier in the CDFW Map Viewer (BIOS):

Passage Assessment Database ID: 735110
Project Description/Background: The Caprini low-flow crossing was originally built by the current landowner’s grandfather to access family agricultural lands on both sides of the Calaveras River. The site posed a significant barrier to steelhead, Chinook salmon and several resident fish species under most flow conditions. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Stockton East Water District (SEWD) and California Department of Water Resources – Fish Passage Improvement Program were able to work with the landowner to develop a new crossing.


Project Actions/Deliverables: A concrete roadway containing three undersized culverts was replaced with three 10-foot high by 12-foot wide box culverts. Also, an engineered streambed channel built through the culverts ensures unimpeded fish passage at all flows.


Fish benefits/ecological value: The new crossing enhances adult passage to spawning habitat upstream and juvenile passage to the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta and Pacific Ocean.


Other Benefits: The new crossing improves vehicle access, reduces long-term maintenance and improves public safety at the site and surrounding channel.


Amount of habitat made available as a result of project implementation:

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Before Construction (2008) From Downstream

Before construction - from downstream

Before Construction (2008) from Upstream

Before construction - from upstream

During Construction

During construction

After Construction

After construction

After Construction

After construction