Endorsement Guidelines


Endorsement Criteria


The endorsement of projects by the California Fish Passage Forum (Forum) is guided by the Forum’s mission to protect and revitalize anadromous fish populations in California by restoring connectivity of freshwater habitats throughout their historic range. Please describe and provide adequate documentation of how your project meets the criteria listed in the application document (Appendix A). A project that does not have an evaluation plan (i.e., how attainment of project goals will be evaluated) will not be considered for endorsement.


Detailed Information


Please provide Contact Information for the Project Leader (name, title, organization, mailing address, telephone, email), a Project Description (overall project goal(s); how this project will help advance project goal(s); maintenance and operations of project after completion), and a brief, concise Work Plan for your proposal.


Please include any other supporting information that you would like considered as part of your submission.  Projects will be considered for endorsement if there is clear connection to one or more of the objectives listed in Appendix A.


Endorsement Time Frame


Please provide a complete application at least three weeks prior to the date that you would like to receive a letter of endorsement from the Forum.


Endorsement Type


If approved, a letter of endorsement will be provided.  If your project has specific endorsement requests, please include them as part of your submission, and they will be considered on a case-by-case basis. If your project has not obtained the necessary permits from pertinent agencies, please state this in your submission.


To request a letter of endorsement, please fill out the Endorsement Application.


Projects the California Fish Passage Forum has endorsed:

Sharber/Peckham Creek Fish Passage Project  (5 Counties Salmonid Conservation Program)