Forum Committees and Working Groups



Governance Committee

Coordinates the Forum's collective work plans and budget; coordinates and communicates with NFHP regarding administrative requests, reporting, project solicitations and 10 Waters to Watch; drafts Forum business documents; assists in coordination of Forum efforts and ensures members participation in Forum meetings, working groups and committees; and facilitates the formation of work groups and assists them as needed.

  • Bob Pagliuco, Chair (NOAA)
  • Stan Allen (PSMFC)
  • Michael Bowen (Coastal Conservancy)
  • Melinda Molnar (Caltrans)

Permitting and Policy Committee

Addresses issues deemed significant by the Forum and associated project permitting and policy pertaining to fish passage and fish connectivity in the State of California.

  • Michael Bowen, Chair (Coastal Conservancy)
  • Candice Meneghin (Caltrout)

Education and Outreach Committee

Addresses high priority outreach actions associated with Forum initiatives. Working with Forum committees and working groups, this committee develops short- and long-term strategic actions to advance understanding, awareness, and appreciation of the role of the Forum in making strategic investments in fish passage barrier removal in the State of California.

  • Candice Meneghin (Caltrout)
  • Leah Mahan (NOAA)
  • Lisa DeBruyckere (Forum)

Science and Data Committee

Creates and coordinates working efforts to address data and science needs important to achieving Forum’s goals and objectives. The Science and Data Committee collaborates with the NFHP Science and Data Committee to the extent possible, and participates in the California LCC Science-Management Team to address shared goals and objectives.

  • Steve Brumbaugh, Chair (DWR)
  • Michael Bowen (Coastal Conservancy)
  • Marc Commandatore (DWR)
  • Bob Pagliuco (NOAA)
  • Frank Meraz (Caltrans)
  • Brett Holycross (PSMFC)
  • Anne Elston (PSMFC)
  • Tom Schroyer (CDFW)
  • Damon Goodman (USFWS)
  • Javier Linares (USFWS)

Science and Data Committee Work Group

Barrier Prioritization and Optimization

The Barrier Prioritization and Optimization Working Group was formed to develop and implement a highly strategic and efficient means to prioritize fish passage barriers in the anadromous waters of California. Working with existing fish passage barrier data from the California Passage Assessment Database, the working group is using an optimization-based approach to develop a tool that will allow potential barrier projects and sites to be prioritized for funding or targeted for project development. This multi-function tool will serve many purposes for the Forum, each of our signatory entities and fish passage and habitat restoration practitioners and managers within California. The working group also envisions this methodology becoming a powerful potential resource for prioritization of natural resource protection and restoration nationwide.

  • Tom Schroyer, Group leader (CDFW)
  • Bob Pagliuco (NOAA)
  • Michael Bowen (Coastal Conservancy)
  • Marc Commandatore (DWR)
  • Anne Elston (PSMFC)

Science and Data Committee Work Group


The Engineering Working Group was formed to provide a forum for discussion and cooperation regarding information needs and engineering-related data management, fish passage design criteria, design alternatives, and construction methods. The Engineering Working Group is also responsible for consideration of means of information sharing and identification of research needs and collaborative research opportunities. In addition, the Engineering Working Group may consider potential for training opportunities and cooperate with other Forum committees and working groups on evaluations and analysis of policies.

  • Michael Bowen, Chair (Coastal Conservancy)
  • Randy Beckwith (DWR)
  • David Crowder (NOAA)
  • Michael Love (H2O Designs)
  • Frank Meraz (Caltrans)
  • Jeremy Svehla (GHD)
  • David White (NOAA)
  • Jon Mann (CDFW)


  • Caltrans – California Department of Transportation
  • CDFW – California Department of Fish and Wildlife
  • DWR – California Department of Water Resources
  • NOAA – National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
  • PSMFC – Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission
  • USFWS – US Fish and Wildlife Service
  • USFS – US Forest Service