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Looks are Deceiving for 'Scary-Looking' Lamprey

The US Fish and Wildlife Service and partners are creating a smooth route for Pacific lamprey. Check out the full story here.

Restoring Resilience

Check out the new CalTrout video, Santa Clara River: Restoring Resilience.

Next Forum Meeting

The next meeting of the California Fish Passage Forum is September 27, 2017 in Sacramento, CA. The draft agenda can be seen here.

Construction Considerations for steelhead trout, Chinook and coho salmon

Check out the cards developed by Caltrans to describe anadromous fish construction considerations here.

CalTrout Produces Santa Clara River Steelhead Coalition Water Talks Program

Check out the 5-part Water Talks program on steelhead life history, water quality, freshwater stewardship, invasive species management, and connecting headwaters to ocean at

Coastal Fish Habitat Partnerships

View the Summer 2017 Coastal Fish Habitat Partnerships newsletter.

Join Our Listserv

If you would like to join our listserv, click here.

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