Ryan Creek Fish Passage Project

Project Location:  Ryan Creek is a tributary to Outlet Creek, which discharges into the Eel River.

Link to the location of the remediated barrier in the CDFW Map Viewer (BIOS): https://map.dfg.ca.gov/bios/?al=ds69&col=pad_id&val=712813

Passage Assessment Database ID: 712813
Project Description:  The purpose of the project is to provide full passage for all life stages of salmonids, elminate potential sediment, improve storm capacity and restore natural channel flow.
Pre-project conditions/barriers/challenges/background:  Some of the challenges of the project included installing the concrete arch - if the excavation was not exact, the crane could not be close enough to set the structure. In addition, dewatering the creek above and below the culvert was challenging because "dirty" water had to be hauled away and placed in containment structures for the silt to settle out of it before it could be returned to the creek.
Project actions/deliverables: Replace a 5-foot metal culvert that had a 5-foot overflow culvert (1.5-foot jump) on Ryan Creek at the Rhine Driveway with a 14-foot by 12-foot multi-plate arch.

Fish benefits/ecological value:  The project has restored access to high quality spawning and rearing habitat and restored fairly natural hydraulic function and watershed processes in an important coastal watershed for federally listed salmonids - SONCC ESU coho salmon (state and federally listed as threatened), California Coastal ESU Chinook salmon (federally listed as threatened), and Northern California DPS steelhead (federally listed as threatened) (Photo credit: 5 Counties Salmonid Conservation Program).
Other benefits: The project will eliminate the potential for 7,975 cubic yards of sediment and accommodate 100-year flows.

Amount of habitat made available as a result of project implementation:  1.34 miles of anadromous fish habitat.
Project partners:  5C Salmonid Conservation Program, NOAA, California Department of Fish and Wildlife, California Coastal Conservancy, Mendocino County Department of Transportation
Project cost:  $898,000
Project start date:  2011
Project end date:  2012
Monitoring and evaluation:
Did the project make a difference, and if so, how? Fish were found in the upper reaches of Ryan Creek in