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To standardize first-pass data entry sheets and to help with collecting fast and incidental in-stream structure information, the Fish Passage Forum developed a Fish Passage Incidental Report (First Pass Data Sheet V3). This one-page form is not intended to replace any approved protocols for fish passage at road crossings; rather it should serve to collect barrier data while performing general stream assessments and restoration work, and for inventorying for fish passage of structures other than culverts.



The California Fish Passage Forum worked with Ross Taylor and Associates to summarize the extent of fish passage monitoring in California as part of a process to develop fish passage project monitoring methods. A copy of that report can be found here


In 2020, the Forum's Science & Data Committee revisited the NOAA Tier 1 Monitoring form previously used to collect post-project monitoring activities, and updated it to meet the Forum's current needs. The Forum is interested in obtaining the information regarding any monitoring organizations have conducted in association with completed fish passage projects, and would greatly appreciate you helping us gather this information by filling out this new Fish Passage Barrier Removal Performance Measures & Monitoring Worksheet (PDF). Once completed, please return this form to  

Links to Fish Passage Methods and Protocols


Links to State and Federal Guidelines on Fish Barriers

Guidelines for Salmonid Passage at Stream Crossings (NOAA/National Marine Fisheries Service)

California Salmonid Stream Habitat Restoration Manual (State of California)

Best Management Practices to Minimize Adverse Effects to Pacific Lamprey - April 2010 (US Fish and Wildlife Service)

California Anadromous Fish Recovery Plans


Southern Oregon Northern California Coast Coho Salmon Recovery Plan

Central California Coast Coho Salmon Recovery Plan

California Central Valley Salmon Recovery Plan

Southern California Coast Steelhead Recovery Plan

South-Central California Coast Steelhead Recovery Plan

State of California Recovery Strategy for Coho Salmon

State of California Recovery Strategy for Steelhead Trout

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