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Man-made barriers to salmonid migration include road/stream crossings, irrigation diversions and dams. Road/stream crossings are extremely numerous and often cross multiple road ownerships within a watershed. Passage impediments and delays in migration affect both adult and juvenile fish. Given the magnitude and severity of the problem, reconnecting isolated stream habitat has become an important priority for the restoration of impaired anadromous salmon and steelhead stocks. A comprehensive fish passage program is vital towards identifying, prioritizing, and treating migration barriers so that unimpeded migration of California’s salmonid populations is achieved. A comprehensive and collaborative program will aid in the recovery and de-listing of salmon and steelhead in California.


This hyperlink takes you to an interactive map showing the locations of fish passage barriers removed in California, as recorded in the Passage Assessment Database. Clicking on a region on the map and then on a specific barrier site will take you to a detailed report describing the barrier removal project.

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