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The National Fish Habitat Partnership

The California Fish Passage Forum is one of 20 nationally recognized fish habitat partnerships in the United States. The Forum seeks to advance its own goals and the goals of the National Fish Habitat Partnership (NFHP) - to protect, restore, and enhance the nation's fish and aquatic communities through partnerships that foster fish habitat conservation and improve quality of life for all Americans. For more information about NFHP, visit their website.

The Coastal Fish Habitat Partnerships

There are a total of 10 fish habitat partnerships that focus on coastal fish habitat issues. The Coastal Fish Habitat Partnerships have been working together to convey the importance of protecting, restoring, and enhancing estuarine and nearshore marine environments.

Atlantic Coastal Fish Habitat Partnership

California Fish Passage Forum

Hawaii Fish Habitat Partnership

Kenai Peninsula Fish Habitat Partnership

Mat-Su Basin Salmon Habitat Partnership

Pacific Marine and Estuarine Fish Habitat Partnership

Pacific Lamprey Conservation Initiative

Southeast Aquatic Resources Partnership

Southwest Alaska Salmon Habitat Partnership

Western Native Trout Initiative

Southeast Alaska Fish Habitat Partnership

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