Members and Committees

The California Fish Passage Forum is cooperative association of organizations working to advance fish passage in California. Organizations are represented by one designated member and optional additional alternate members. We thank our membership organizations and our members who make the work of the forum possible. 

California Trout

Designee: Sandra Jacobson (Forum Chair)

Alternate: Darren Mierau

National Atmospheric and Oceanic Administration

Designee: Bob Pagliuco

Alternate: Ruth Goodman

Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission

Designee: Stan Allen

Alternate: Van Hare

Anne Elston

Neal Scheraga

Trout Unlimited 

Designee: Anna Halligan (Forum Vice Chair)

Alternate: Natalie Stauffer-Olsen

US Fish and Wildlife Service 

Designee: Tim Loux

Alternate: Dan Gale


US Forest Service 

Designee: Holly Eddinger

CA Dept of Fish and Wildlife  

Designee: Andrew Hampton

Alternate: Mark Gard

CA State Parks 

Gena Lasko

Emily Siegel

Marisa Parish

Allyssa Borich

CA Dept of Water Resources  

Designee: Joshua Black

Alternate: Theo Claire-McKown

Alternate: Jim long

CA Coastal Conservancy

Sam Janniches

Forum Committees

Governance Committee

Coordinates the Forum’s collective work plans and budget; coordinates and communicates with NFHP regarding administrative requests, reporting, project solicitations and 10 Waters to Watch; drafts Forum business documents; assists in coordination of Forum efforts and ensures members participation in Forum meetings, working groups and committees; and facilitates the formation of work groups and assists them as needed.

  • Bob Pagliuco, Chair
  • Sandra Jacobsen
  • Tim Loux
  • Stan Allen
  • Anna Halligan
  • Holly Eddinger

Science and Data Committee

Creates and coordinates working efforts to address data and science needs important to achieving Forum’s goals and objectives, in accordance with the Forum’s bylaws. The Science and Data Committee collaborates with the National Fish Habitat Partnership Science and Data Committee, other Fish Habitat Partnerships, and other statewide and regional working groups to address shared goals and objectives.

  • Emily Siegel, Co-Chair
  • Gena Lasko, Co-Chair
  • Sandi Jacobson
  • Bob Pagliuco
  • Anne Elston 
  • Holly Eddinger
  • Mark Gard
  • Andrew Hampton 
  • Neal Schleraga
  • Tim Loux

Education and Outreach Committee

Addresses high priority outreach actions associated with Forum initiatives. Working with Forum committees and working groups, this committee develops short and long-term strategic actions and events to advance understanding, awareness, and appreciation of the role of the Forum in fish passage barrier removal in California

  • Holly Steindorf, Chair
  • Anne Elston
  • Ruth Goodfeild

Policy and Permitting Committee

This committee works to improve options for project partners to access resources to assist in permitting for their projects, periodically broadcasts policy related to fish passage remediation, and seeks to actively examine the existing limitations in the permitting process that hampers fish passage practitioners in completing their projects in an efficient, affordable, and timely matter.

  • Anna Halligan, Chair
  • Sandra Jacobson
  • Holly Eddinger
  • Non-forum practitoner experts