Proposed Projects

Each year, the Forum recommends projects for projects based on evaluation criteria that advance the Forums mission and goals as well as those of the National Fish Habitat Partnership, and as of the FY 2021 season, the America’s Conservation Enhancement (ACE) Act.  See the Funded Projects page for overviews of projects that have already received funding.

The California Fish Passage Forum is pleased to recommend the following projects for funding in the FY 2024 funding season:

    • Designing for Sturgeon Passage in the San Joaquin River at Eastside Bypass Control Structure
    • Jenny Creek Man-made Barrier Removal
    • Weaver Basin Fish Passage Assessments
    • Wildcat Creek Fish Passage and Community Engagement Project (Phase 3)
    • Channel Design at River Road Bridge Crossing, Gill Creek, Sonoma County, CA
    • North Fork Schooner Gulch Culvert Replacement
    • Mid-Klamath Rearing Habitat Assessment and Enhancement Project
    • Blodgett Dam Restoration Feasibility

This list is not a formal notice of funding award. Funding levels are tied to the federal budget and will be announced spring of 2024, after which award announcements will be made. Project Partners with questions about the status of their award should contact the Forum Coordinator.

Project Reporting

Recipients of Forum funding are expected to provide triannual updates on project progress (April 1, August 1 & December 1)
as well as a final report upon project completion that includes descriptions of all objectives met, associated deliverables, and before and after photos of any barriers removed or remediated. Project partners should also be aware that there may be additional reporting requirements from the agencies who award the project contracts, either the Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission or the US Fish and Wildlife Service.