California Fish Passage Form Announces 2024 Funded Projects

Projects Receiving Funding from the Forum for 2024

Designing for Sturgeon Passage in the San Joaquin River at Eastside Bypass Control Structure-US Fish & Wildlife Service
This project monitors white sturgeon passing through the EBCS on the San Joaquin to inform usage of the structure in advance of planned improvements to the EBCS.
Jenny Creek Manmade Barrier Removal-Trout Unlimited
This project will remove a man-made concrete barrier on Jenny Creek, 1.05 miles upstream from the now-removed Iron Gate Reservoir on the Klamath River. Jenny Creek is the largest tributary in  the hydroelectric reach on the Klamath River, and has the potential to support 18,100 summer rearing Coho Salmon and 51 redds (Ramos, 2020).  Jenny Creek is unique because it is the only creek in the hydroelectric reach that contains moderate to high gradient riffle habitat, with several large pools that could be optimal for salmonid rearing.
Weaver Basin Fish Passage Assessments- Trinity County Resource Conservation District
Weaver Creek is a headwater watershed of the Trinity River in the Klammath River Baisn.  This project seeks to update all of the  unassessed (26) or unknown passage (11) barrier status in the watershed. This project will be implemented in collaboration with members of the Trinity River Watershed Council such as the Nor-Rel-Muk Wintu Nation, Yurok Tribal Fisheries, CalTrans, the Watershed Research and Training Center, California Department of Fish and Wildlife, and the Shasta-Trinity National Forest.
Wildcat Creek Fish Passage and Community Engagement Project (Phase 3)- The Watershed Project
The Project will improve habitat connectivity for Central California Coast steelhead trout  (Oncorhynchus mykiss) by retrofitting the existing fish passage structure that is a barrier to fish passage and sediment basin to meet fish passage criteria and by improving channel conveyance. The Project also  includes community-oriented improvements, including the creation of public facilities such as trail improvements, overlook areas,  interpretive features, and potential  recreational and educational areas.
The Forum funding Opportunity will re-open in Fall 2024 for the FY26 Funding Year. Click here to learn more about our annual opportunity. The Forum will award an estimated $250,000-$350,000 in FY2025 for projects that advance its mission. This amount is based on previous funding received from the NFHP for this purpose. The exact amount of funding available varies annually and is not known currently. To fund a diverse portfolio of projects, strong project proposals that request less than $100,000 are preferred. However, proposals of particular merit may be funded at a higher level, at the Forums discretion.