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Restoration Webinar
Check out the new report, "Evaluation of Barriers to Pacific Lamprey Migration in the Eel River Basin," prepared by Stillwater Sciences for the Wiyot Tribe.
Next Forum Meeting

The next Forum meeting will be April 1-2, 2015 in Santa Rosa, California. Click here for the agenda.

2014 Forum-funded projects

The Forum supported 6 projects in 2014 that will provide access to over 13 miles of fish habitat. See here for details.

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Coastal FHPs

The 11 national coastal fish habitat partnerships gave a presentation at the Restore America's Estuaries conference in Washington, DC. Click here for the presentation.


View the winter 2014 Coastal Fish Habitat Partnerships newsletter.


The Eel River Delta was recognized by the National Fish Habitat Partnership as a "10 Waters for Watch" in 2014. 

Website updated April 1, 2015.



California Fish Passage Forum

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The mission of the Fish Passage Forum is to protect and restore listed anadromous salmonid species, and other aquatic organisms, in California by promoting collaboration among public and private sectors for fish passage improvement projects and programs.


The goal of the Forum is to restore connectivity of freshwater habitats throughout the historic range of anadromous fish.


The Forum coordinates among agency programs and private sector activities to target high priority projects and to improve the timeliness and cost-effectiveness of fish passage.


The Forum seeks to:salmon

  1. Remediate barriers to effective fish migration.
  2. Facilitate coordination and communication among agencies, agency staff, and other entities that may propose, review, or promulgate fish passage criteria within California.
  3. Identify, assess and prioritize the removal of fish passage barriers.
  4. Disseminate guidelines and design criteria for replacement of barriers.
  5. Coordinate funding mechanisms to remove fish passage barriers.
  6. Promote state and federal permit coordination and efficiencies.
  7. Facilitate plans to monitor and evaluate fish passage restoration effectiveness to ensure accountability.
  8. Promote existing state and national policy and actions that support fish passage improvement in California.
  9. Implement education and outreach activities, targeting both the general public and fish passage practitioners.
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For a map showing locations to and information about Forum-funded projects, click here.