2020 Request For Proposals
The FY20 California Fish Passage Forum project funding opportunity has CLOSED
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The California Fish Passage Forum's (Forum) FY2020 funding opportunity has now closed. Each year the Forum, as one of 20 nationally recognized fish habitat partnerships, provides targeted funding for fish passage projects in California. The Forum expects to award approximately $150,000 total to support projects that help advance its mission to protect and revitalize anadromous fish populations  by restoring freshwater habitat connectivity throughout their historical range.


This funding is made available through the National Fish Habitat Partnership (NFHP) and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS). 


Successful Proposals

Preference will be given to proposals that address one or more fish passage barrier(s) that:

To see the projects the Forum has funded in the past, click here.


Deadline for Proposal Submission

All proposals are submitted via the Forum's online application, where applicants can attach requested documents. You can review the application in advance of completing the online form here.

The deadline for project proposal submission was 11:59 pm PDT on October 18, 2019.



Evaluation Criteria

To learn more about the evaluation criteria used by the Forum when reviewing proposals, click here.


Notification of Awards

Notification of awards could be made as early as late December 2019, meaning funds could be awarded in the spring of 2020. However, please note that Forum funding for these projects is linked to the federal USFWS budget, which in recent years has been held up due to delays in the U.S. Congress federal budget process. 


Reporting Expectations

Recipients of Forum-funding are expected to provide triannual updates on project progress (April 1, August 1 & December 1), as well as a final report upon project completion that includes before and after photos of any barriers removed or remediated. 


To better understand the expectations the Forum has for reporting on project progress, you can review the project accomplishments/progress reporting form.


Supporting Information & Resources

The Forum's Objectives

(California Fish Passage Forum Strategic Framework 2018-2023)

  1. Remediate barriers to effective fish migration.

  2. Facilitate coordination and communication among agencies, agency staff, and other entities that may propose, review, or promulgate fish passage projects within California.

  3. Coordinate funding mechanisms to remove fish passage barriers.

  4. Support state and federal permit coordination and streamlining.

  5. Facilitate plans to monitor and evaluate fish passage restoration effectiveness to ensure accountability.

  6. Encourage state and national policy and actions that support fish passage improvement in California.

  7. Implement education and outreach activities, targeting both the public and fish passage practitioners.


NFHP National Conservation Strategies

(NFHP National Conservation Strategies)

  1. Protect intact and healthy waters.

  2. Restore hydrologic conditions for fish.

  3. Reconnect fragmented fish habitats.

  4. Restore water quality.


USFWS Climate Change Strategies

(USFWS: Rising to the Urgent Challenge - Strategic Plan for Responding to Accelerating Climate Change)

3.1 Take conservation action for climate-vulnerable species.

3.2 Promote habitat connectivity and integrity.

3.3 Reduce non-climate change ecosystem stressors.

3.4 Identify and fill priority freshwater needs.

3.5 Conserve coastal and marine resources.

3.6 Manage genetic resources.

3.7 Reduce susceptibility to diseases, pathogens, and pests.

3.8 Address fish and wildlife needs in renewable energy development.

3.9 Foster international collaboration for landscape conservation.


Other Relevant Documents & Resources

USFWS/NFHP Strategic Plan Objectives and Performance Measures (PDF)

California Fish Passage Forum 2020 RFP Application (PDF)

California Fish Passage Forum 2020 RFP Evaluation Criteria (PDF)

CFPF FY20 Budget template (xls)

NOAA Restoration Center's Fish Passage Barrier Removal Performance Measures & Monitoring Worksheet (PDF)



If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact the Forum Coordinator, Alicia Marrs, at aliciamarrs@cafishpassageforum.org.