Hosie Low Water Crossing

Project Lead:   Stockton East Water District

Location of Project:  38 00 22.14 N 121 04 14.56 W

Description of Project:  

To improve the habitat, natural production, and viability of native fish populations in the lower San Joaquin River watershed on the Mormon Slough, the Hosie Low Water Crossing will be replaced from a road to box culverts and a road crossing to allow passage of water under the crossing with lower velocities. Forum funding would apply to the construction portion of the project.

The barrier is a partial barrier. Juveniles have unimpaired passage past the structure about 30% of the time during migration period. Depth criterion for unimpaired adult fish passage at Hosie Crossing is met when flow is 460 CFS or greater. Adult O. mykiss have unimpaired passage about 16% of the time during their migration period, and Chinook about 5% of the time.


  • Semi-annual progress reports
  • Geotechnical report
  • Design review
  • Permitting and environmental documentation (CEQA)
  • Construction and construction management
  • Redlines for as-built plans


Replacement crossing with box culverts will allow for passage of water under the crossing with lower velocities thereby lessening the barrier for the fish population at high and low flows.​