Upper Green Valley Creek Selected as one of NFHP’s 2019 “10 Waters to Watch”

The California Fish Passage Forum is pleased to announce that the Upper Green Valley Creek Fish Passage Project was selected to the National Fish Habitat Partnership’s (NFHP) 2019 list of 10 Waters to Watch. This selection continues the Forum’s strong tradition of having projects selected to this annual list. Of the 73 projects selected over the years, eight have been nominated by the Forum.

The Upper Green Valley Creek Fish Passage Project, led by the Gold Ridge Resource Conservation District (GRRCD), and funded in part by the Forum, restored fish passage and stabilized the grade through a 600-ft stream reach of Upper Green Valley Creek (a tributary to the Russian River), resulting in passage for juvenile and adult coho salmon to an additional 4,810 ft of rearing and spawning habitat. Key partners included GRRCD, Stetson Engineers, Point Blue Conservation Science, and McCullough Construction with funding support from California Department of Fish & Wildlife’s Fisheries Restoration Grant Program (FRGP) and the California Fish Passage Forum. 

 Learn more about this, and other projects supported by the Forum here.