North Fork Ryan Creek Fish Passage Design

Project Lead:   Eel River Watershed Improvement Group

Location of Project:  39.483544, -123.360645

​​Description of Project:  

This fish passage project is on North Fork Ryan Creek, which is a tributary to Ryan Creek, a tributary to Outlet Creek in Mendocino County. Outlet Creek has the distinction of hosting the longest migration corridor for Coho salmon in California. Coho have been observed in Ryan Creek all the way up to a now remediated barrier, approximately 1,800 feet downstream of this project site. Adult and juvenile steelhead were recently observed at the project site. The project site is marked by two culverts that have blown out. One of the culverts is still in place and constricting the stream channel. At the constriction point there is a grade control weir that creates a 1.9 foot plunge during low flows. This project is the development of 100% design plans for a stream crossing that will pass steelhead and Coho and all life stages and all flows. The plans will include the removal of the blown out culverts and the fish passage barrier rock weir that is associated with the culverts. A engineering firm will characterize the topography and hydrology of the project area and conduct subsurface investigations. Once site characterizations are complete, 35% designs and a draft basis of designs report will be produced by the engineering firm. The designs and report will be shared with CDFW, the Fish Passage Forum (FPF) and stakeholders for review and comments. Based on comments, 65% designs will be produced and shared with CDFW, FPF and stakeholders. Comments received will help guide the developments of 90% plans. After another review, 100% plans and a final basis of designs report will be completed.