Fish Passage Project Media Acquisition Effort

Project Lead: Fast and Light Productions

Location of Project:  Various locations TBD throughout the state of California

Description of Project:

This media acquisition project will bolster the Forum’s ability to communicate and educate the public on the importance and success of its efforts in California. Images (both still and video) collected through this effort will be valuable tools in the Forum’s ability to communicate to partners, stakeholders, policy/decision-makers and the public the importance of protecting and restoring anadromous fish populations and their habitat in California. This project will focus on upcoming or completed fish passage projects directly supported by the Forum, but may also include other fish passage efforts where appropriate and images of fishes that benefited from the passage efforts. Approximately 4-5 project sites (dependent on input from the Forum, weather and hydrologic conditions, and species availability) will be selected from strategic locations across the Forum’s geographic scope to demonstrate the wide variety of habitats, species, and fish passage remediation techniques being implemented across the state of California and the waters that feed into it.

Assets gathered will include high quality stills and video including drone and underwater images of current and past fish passage projects that have received funding and/or support from the Forum, as well as priority species and areas. These products will be developed for the use of a variety of outreach efforts including website, presentation, and news stories (e.g., an Electronic Press Kit).

Project partners include the California Fish Passage Forum, signatory agencies of the Forum, as well as other Forum partners and project funding recipients.